It’s baaaaack

My anxiety. It’s back. Today I got freaked out when I stood up too quickly and saw stars. I’m a hypochondriac and got scared. Adrenaline rushed through my body. I could feel it in my stomach, shoulders and legs. I had diarrhea and called for J to come pick me up.

I’m still trying to calm down several hours later. I’m missing that part that turns off the anxiety when the threat is gone. My stomach muscles are tight, I’m light headed, weepy, scared, and I’ve been here before. 

It’s been creeping up on me. Anxiety. Every time I start to feel better and start eating whatever I want and neglect my yoga and meditation, a few months later, the anxiety returns. I wanted to start eating well and doing yoga again and now, well, I definitely will. I didn’t know how to fit it in my schedule and now, well, I’ll have to find a way.

Tonight I had lentils for dinner if that’s any indication and I did a bit of yoga amid the screaming kids. 

To tell you the truth, besides the eating and yoga, I really need a break from my kids. I love them so much but they are stressing me out. I may need a part time nanny to help me out with mornings. That’s the most stressful time for me. Both of them don’t cooperate and they cry and it’s just a mad scene. My nerves can’t take it. 

I thought about going to the ER tonight but decided to come home instead. I thought maybe at the hospital I could get some peace and quiet, and time to myself.

In the News:

1. Inspired by Bell Let’s Talk Day, paramedic turned author Natalie Harris Speaks Up About PTSD and Mental Illness

I received a tweet from Natalie Harris on her book being released this month. I hope to have her on my Rogers show and talk about PTSD and paramedics.

2. These social media badges are helping people destroy mental health stigma

Go grab yourself a social media badge and help end stigma. 

3. From Whispers To Cries: 2016 Was The Year Of Mental Health

Huff Post piece from the U.K. on why mental health was all the rage there last year.

4. We need to provide better mental health treatment in schools. Here’s how to start.

Washington Post piece on the merits of having accessible mental health professionals in schools.


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