Mental health isn’t cheap

This is what I’m eating now – home made chicken soup with spinach and brown rice. It’s actually really good but it took a relapse for me to make it and enjoy it again instead of ordering a pizza.

Getting better. I think. No waves today but missed my afternoon calming tea and started to feel weird by the evening. Gotta keep up my vitamins and yoga daily now lest I go back on meds and pile on the pounds. That’s why I really dread meds. The last time I was on them I gained 50 pounds and I’m still 20 away from my pre-meds weight. They just made me so damn hungry all the time plus I like that I’m getting back into my healthy eating, yogi lifestyle. That’s truly what I wanted all along. 

Going to bed feeling a little strange, tingly in some places. Just practicing what I preach and telling myself it’ll all be ok. But going to the doc tomorrow to get me some tests done anyway.

E still has hives/rash all over her body. ER doctor thinks it’s viral. We’ll take her to her doc tomorrow to get her checked out again. Tomorrow is supposed to be the first day back at school but she’ll be home with J. The sight of the rash freaks her out so she wore gloves all day and we distracted her with Minecraft and art. I don’t know if it’s my anxiety but I think I see a rash starting on C. Hope not. She just got over step.

I’m not up to going to work tomorrow. Need one more day and time to see my doc. Hope my boss will understand.

Watching the Golden Globes. Enjoying them this year. Managing to distract me a bit from some of this evening anxiety. Will probably wake up at 2 am like I did last night. Just working on not aggravating the adrenaline and getting it out of my system.

Excellent news! I got a babysitter to help me out with the kids before and after school/daycare. If no one’s sick, she starts Tuesday. Can’t afford it but I need the help so I have to make it work.

Speaking of things I can’t afford, I dropped $700 on vitamins and healthy food today, no joke. It’s what I have to do to heal and be well. This relapse or whatever it is isn’t taking over. Mental health isn’t cheap. It’s downright scandalous. And absolutely necessary.

In the News:

1. I tried the Chinese practice of ‘sitting the month’ after childbirth

I like this article in the Washington Post by a mom of Chinese heritage who went into a little more detail than I’ve ever read about zuo yue zi, the month of ‘sitting’ some Chinese women observe after giving birth.

I thought it was just about taking time to rest. I had no idea how extreme it actually was. No air conditioning? No showers? No….Internet? 

No way.

I like how the author comes to a compromise of cultures to emphasize that if one can, taking at least a month to do nothing and have meals prepared for you and your house cleaned following childbirth would be an awesome thing to do – if it feels right for you. I know I couldn’t do anything for months and months because of postpartum depression so sitting boded well with me.

2. Children’s mental healthcare delays ‘a scandal’

In Scotland too? Yup. Looks like year-long wait lists for treatment for children’s mental health is a problem everywhere and I really think it comes down to the fact that we are at a turning point in our modern medical system where therapy and of course mental health are finally being taken seriously but the system has yet to catch up.

3. As A Society We Must Face Up To The Fact Mental Health Problems Are Everyone’s Problem

Holy cow! Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Great Britain has stunned me with her teaser piece in the Huffington Post on how she feels about mental health and what her plans are to get everyone – children, youth, adults – the help they need. So many quotables. Can’t wait to hear more and then see how her plans compare with what’s happening here at home. Her speech drops tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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