I vow to fight 

This is my fight post.

I’ve made a decision that I vow to fight anxiety with everything that I’ve got this time around. I will face it head on and go through every battle and rise victorious.

Want to do 2 am anxiety attack wakings? I’m there and I will pace the shit out of you no matter how much you try to send that adrenaline coursing through my body.

Want to scare me into believing all the irrational thoughts and fears? I’m on to you. I won’t believe a single word.

Want me to be home bound and sometimes not even have the courage to get out of bed? I’ve got one word for you: Netflix.

Want me to only eat healthy food and exercise? Done and thank you. Been wanting to do it for a long time.

Want to make me feel like I can’t control what you’re doing to my body? Go for it. I’ll wait you out. You talk a big game but you’re no match for this diva.

Want me to worry about what taking time off to battle you will do to my job, my family, my life? Piss off anxiety. I’ve got way more friends than you do who will stand up to you and stand up for me.

I see you laughing every time I give in to your fear, every time I fall. Not anymore anxiety. 

Watch out anxiety. I’m coming for you and I will do whatever it takes to lock you back in your cage.

I will slay you.


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