Making progress

Today has been the best day yet in my recovery from my anxiety relapse that started last Friday. Don’t want to get too excited but I’m thinking I’m only experiencing a minor relapse and will be back to work Monday.

Albeit with some very important changes to not increase my stress levels.

1. I’ve hired a babysitter to help me with the kids in the morning and at pick up time.

2. I will take my vitamins religiously daily.

3. I will practice yoga and meditation daily.

4. I will move my body daily whether it’s by exercise or taking a walk or however I can, I will move around a lot and not stay seated at my desk all day.

5. I will eat nutritious foods.

6. I will not eat sugar, gluten, drink alcohol or have caffeine.

7. I will take as many breaks as I need to daily.

8. I will live simply.

9. I will start seeing a psychologist.

10. I will practice affirmations daily.

And I could probably write more. This was a little wake up call for me that I need to be doing much more self care.

And I will.

I still had a minor episode this morning where I felt strange and weird and had adrenaline running through me and had to talk myself down from alarming thoughts but as soon as I saw that E was starting to recuperate finally from scarlet fever, I started to relax.

I even took a drive.

To work!

Totally unplanned. I told J I was going for a walk and then I grabbed my keys and started driving to Canadian Tire to check out massagers to use to loosen my muscles and then I went to my work and had a lovely visit with my boss and co-workers who are super supportive. It felt great but I was still kind of out of it meaning a little out of reality, I don’t know how to describe it, it’s weird, and I still had muscle tightness  and loud silence white noise between my ears but it’s ok. I know it will take some time to be 100% better. Thanks to J who took a week off work to help me and help with the kids, and with the support of my boss, my recovery has been quicker. 

And it’s been so cute to hear J negotiate with C every morning as he’s getting her ready for daycare.

“No daddy! I don’t want that shirt!”


“Because I said I don’t want it!”

“Ok but why?”

“Leave me alone!”

“What about this shirt?”


“But why?”

He has so much patience. Bless him.

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