I’m blogging

So I’ve decided to start blogging daily, at least I hope I can keep it up that frequently. Writing is good for me, mentally, and maybe some of you might get a kick out of it or be able to sympathize with someone with a mental illness.

I also have this dream of writing a book which maybe might happen if I actually write every day instead of dreaming of writing and never getting down to it. It’s like yoga: I know it’s good for me and I feel great while doing it and afterwards, but getting myself to actually do it on the regular is a challenge.

I guess I find it boring. On the elliptical, I can watch a show or read a book. But when I’m practicing yoga or writing for no other purpose than to simply write, I’m just not up for the challenge. Maybe because it’s not enough of a challenge for me. I need drama and deadlines to motivate the ADHD in me to get into downward dog or take to the keyboard. That’s why journalism appeals to me so much. Articles have to be about a current hot topic that is likely to cause some controversy (drama) that needs to be published sooner rather than later (deadline). A blog post, well, it’s just about me and what’s going on in my life and who cares about that?

Except that maybe I can make this blog about my dream book and write about that process. Ok, I’m starting to get excited now. As far as a deadline, why don’t I give myself something like a year to get it done? Ok, ok, we might be getting somewhere…

I like it.

This blog will specifically be about me trying to write a book about the history and latest research on postpartum depression, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and my goal will be to get it done in one year from now and hopefully also get it published. I will write about my journey daily or as often as I can with bits of my life pertaining to mental illness interspersed along the way. Hopefully you will find it entertaining, informative and timely.

Now that’s a challenge I can rise up to meet.

Yoga, I’m afraid you’re screwed.


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