We all need a change every now and then, but sometimes we just simply can’t afford to give our kid the room of their dreams…until now. Here are some of the most creative and least expensive ways to makeover your kid’s room. Plus, these DIYs get them involved! It’s a win-win.

1. Drive Them Up The Wall

Instead of tripping on toy cars, glue them to a mirror and create a race car theme for your kid’s room. Use a mirror with a thick border and some crazy glue and you’re done!

2. Get It Down To A Fine Art

Your fridge need not be the only place to plaster your kid’s artwork. Take up wall space in their room instead by using this simple DIY interchangeable art display made with curtain rods.


3. Use Every Trick In The Book

Create a reading corner or nook for your child that either loves to read or could use a little more quiet time. Make it comfy with lots of pillows and a great reading lamp.

4. Tell Them To Stuff It

Use a shoe organizer to keep those stuffed animals in line instead of scattered all over the floor. It’s useful, aesthetically pleasing, and protects your child from the monsters in their closet, wink wink.

5. Chalk It Up

Stop your kids from writing on the wall and driving you up the wall by painting them a chalkboard wall which they can draw pictures on and erase over and over again to their heart’s content.

6. Put A Cork In It

Your teen will love this DIY idea for their room. Have them cut out corkboard into fun shapes and stick them on the wall in their room to pin photos or concert tickets to.

Dandelion Moms 

7. All In A Day’s Work

Create a space for homework. Add a desk or a small table and chair. Attach some folders to the wall, a little display area, buckets for their pens and pencils, and call it a day!

8. The World Is Your Canvas

This is a great idea for a safari or jungle-themed room. Brighten up the walls by painting some canvases different colours and gluing spray-painted toy animals to the centre of each one.

Papery And Cakery      

9. Be A Cheap Skate

This one’s for the skater in your home. Grab some used skateboards and hinges and create some really cool DIY skateboard shelves your kid will absolutely love.

10. Keep Them On A String

Have your kids make their own pom-poms or get some at the craft store. Thread a needle on some thick string to create this simple, colourful pom-pom garland they can hang on their wall.

11. Spell It Out For Them

Use the leftover pom-poms to create more wall art by gluing them onto cut-out letters to spell their name on their wall or write out an inspiring phrase.

12. It’s All In How You Frame It

Hang up some different sized empty frames that you tricked out with wire and hooks and have them hang up and change up their artwork as they please.

13. On The Dot

To create this look, cut out a dish sponge in the shape of a circle, dip it in some wall paint, and apply to the wall using different shades of the same colour.

14. Get The Hang Of It

Here’s another place to store stray stuffies. Make your own stuffed animal shelf by drilling a hole into either end of a sturdy branch and using knotted rope to create a swing effect.

15. You Gotta Hand It To Them

This is a really sweet idea. Have your child dip their hand in paint and make a hand print in the centre of a brightly painted canvas to mark their growth each year.

16. Light It Up

To get this soft lighting effect for your teen, get yourself some ping pong balls and a string of small Christmas lights. Poke a hole through each ball with an X-acto knife and slide a light into it.

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