Theravive By: Patricia Tomasi  02/26/2018 What came first, the chicken or the egg? Are we born with our own unique personality or is the environment in which we are born and raised responsible for shaping it? In an article recently published in the Journal of New Ideas in Psychology, authors John E. Krzeczkowski from the Neuroscience […]

Theravive By: Patricia Tomasi 02/05/2018 As the general population moves towards a greater understanding and awareness of mental illness in campaigns such as Bell Let’s Talk in Canada and Time To Talk in the U.K., scientists, doctors and researchers continue to examine the causes of varying mental disorders in order to improve prevention, screening and […]

Theravive By: Patricia Tomasi 12/29/2017 The World Health Organization (WHO) seems ready to declare gaming as a mental health disorder in their newly updated International Classification of Diseases manual (ICD-11) set to be published in 2018. The manual hasn’t been updated since 1990.   Gaming disorder isn’t yet recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders […]

Theravive By: Patricia Tomasi 01/02/2018 The age at which girls begin their period has “declined dramatically” over the past 50 years. While the average age of menstruation is currently 12 years of age, it used to be 16 years of age in the early 20th century. Though we don’t know exactly why this is occurring, […]

The Huffington Post Canada By Patricia Tomasi 10/07/2017 People who need help already languish on wait lists, and that may not change. We’ve come to the end of another Mental Illness Awareness Week, the time of year when government suddenly finds the money and resources for programs and initiatives long overdue which they announce with great fanfare and […]

The Huffington Post Canada By Patricia Tomasi 10/02/2017 Not all screen time is bad. Porchya Bernier’s son, Jordan, missed most of junior kindergarten because of his sensory issues related to autism. “The school asked me to remove him,” says Bernier. “He couldn’t handle the loudness and busyness of the classroom and had problems focusing on his own […]

The Huffington Post Canada By Patricia Tomasi 09/11/2017 Could you really say no to your child if they said they wanted to run across Canada to raise money for mental health? After experiencing the struggles of his family and fellow classmates firsthand, and pleading with his mom to let him help, 13-year-old Zach Hofer of Barrie, Ont. […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 08/22/2017 Touching or following other children on the playground is how five-year-old Kellen tries to make new friends. “I have to intervene at that point,” says Kellen’s mom, Heather Atkinson-Rossi. “I tell the children his name and explain that he doesn’t have words but likes watching and running with others.” […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 11/23/2015 En français En español In italiano I’ve been told I should give it a chance but after hearing what mental-health advocates have to say, I’m not sure Netflix’s new popular series 13 Reasons Why is safe for me or anyone else with a mental illness to watch. […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 12/01/2016 Why isn’t Ontario bringing in psychologists to help solve the crisis over long wait times for therapy for children with severe mental health disorders? Clearly the call is there. “This point can never be overstated: psychological/psychotherapy services need to be woven into our public health system,” tweeted […]