The Huffington Post Canada By Patricia Tomasi 10/07/2017 When Connie Chow of Edmonton, Alta., couldn’t access a therapist to help her through postpartum depression, her husband suggested she try online therapy. “I was isolating myself,” recalls Chow. “He noticed that I didn’t want to leave the house with the baby and that I would worry or fixate […]

I’m in hibernation mode. Just wanted to sleep in this morning. Was awake for a couple hours in the middle of the night probably because I had chocolate rice milk before bed and the caffeine had a play date with my cortisol around 2 a.m. but then I fell into this wonderful deep sleep only […]

I’m in that last week and half period before my actual period which means I’m starting to feel unmotivated. I don’t feel like writing my daily blog and I already skipped my 11 a.m. morning elliptical session. I hope to push through however, and keep up my daily mental health habits starting with this post. […]

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve written but it feels like centuries. First off, I have to share some amazing news: I lost five pounds! Five pounds out of the 30 pounds I gained after going on medication for postpartum depression. I can’t believe it! I stepped on the scale this morning, (actually […]

I was interviewed about my postpartum anxiety experience by Cynthia McKelvey for Romper and the article was published today. I’m glad to see more articles about postpartum anxiety. Though I say I suffered from postpartum depression, it’s really an umbrella term I use and many use to cover all maternal mental health disorders, when in fact, […]

I just had a teeny tiny bit of dizziness as I walked into work and sitting down at my desk now I can tell that if I tilt my head or bend it forward, I will probably feel full on dizzy today. It happens sometimes, usually as part of my anxiety symptoms. I’m not anxious […]

Today is my dad’s 78th birthday. Happy birthday pappers. I don’t actually call him pappers. I call him daddy. We have a complicated relationship but it’s the best it’s ever been right now. I get a lot of my mental illness genetics from him and his side of the family, a bit from my mom’s […]

Getting to my writing a little late today because I had a doctor’s appointment this morning which I was SO FREAKIN’ NERVOUS ABOUT for like two weeks. It was like, the kind of nervous I get about flying, kind of nervous. I have a phobia of doctors (and flying) and no matter how much I […]

It’s Friday! Woohoo! Again, on behalf of mothers everywhere it’s not that much of a celebration, especially with a three-day weekend upon us, but I have set it up so that I will have a brilliant weekend with some me-time on Monday thanks to the services of one of my wonderful babysitters who will be […]

Getting to my writing a little late this morning. Had to do a few updates on my computer at work. What a great morning! When my eight year old daughter, Eva, is in a great mood, things go really smoothly. I haven’t had a morning like this with the kids in a long time. This […]

Very excited! My editor loves my piece I’ve been working on for months which will probably be published today! You know who’s really going to be happy? My sources who have been waiting with harried anticipation for this article to come out. But timing is everything and looks like today’s the day! Can’t wait to […]

I’m tired. I want to write every day but I’m tired. After a couple hectic mornings of getting the kids ready for school and daycare and hectic nights of making every person an individualized dinner followed by the chaos of bedtime, mixed in with colds, coughs, refusals to go to school and a trip to […]

I’m back! I’m back! I’m back! I can feel it. I feel great. I want to move. I’m actually charging my fitbit that’s been lying dormant on my night table for over a month. I want to go into the side work room, pull out my sleeping yoga mat and get to it! Yes I’m […]

Omg, I’m here! Back at the Writing Hour. I can’t believe it. I was actually looking forward to writing this morning. How about that? Also, I’m feeling fan-fucking-tastic today! (Must be approaching ovulation.) I’m not unmotivated or demotivated or in a state of unmotivation or demotivation. I want to fucking take on the world today! […]

That’s it. I’m starting a blog and I’m going to write daily. Here goes… I’m feeling so unmotivated these days. A little lacklustre. I know I just started a new project with this blog, but I’m only doing it because of the fact I feel so unmotivated. I almost decided to give it all up […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 05/17/2017 It’s crazy to expect a new mother with postpartum depression (PPD) to attend regular therapy sessions. That’s if she can get access to therapy at all what with the ongoing shortage of psychiatrists and psychotherapists across Canada and the U.S. That’s why I think online therapy for […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 04/27/2017 Postpartum depression is a global problem, and that’s never been more apparent. Today, Canada joins the U.S. and Australia in the largest international postpartum depression (PPD) study to date that’s using smartphones and ‘spit kits’ to collect data and DNA samples from women who have suffered from […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 03/23/2016 We’re not part of the largest and coolest postpartum depression (PPD) study ever announced yesterday, but we will be soon, says the study’s lead researcher. Maybe. “Canada is hopefully coming soon,” says Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody, director of the perinatal psychiatry program at the University of North Carolina […]

CBC News | By Patricia Tomasi 11/22/2016 An unpublished study suggests that epidurals “may” help reduce PPD in “some” women It’s time to set the record straight: labour pain and epidurals do not cause or prevent postpartum depression (PPD). No one knows what causes postpartum depression. And no one knows what can prevent it. So please, stop […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 11/18/2016 I remember making the decision to wean off antidepressants before trying to get pregnant. No one helped me make that decision. It was something I did myself because I was scared that antidepressants might harm my baby. I had been on medication for a year for panic […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 06/21/2016 I’ve often wondered if I had something more than postpartum depression and anxiety. I had extreme mood disturbances following the birth of my first daughter. First, I was severely depressed. I was crying all the time and I thought life was over. I’d pick fights with my […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 05/20/2016 Sometimes I wonder how I ever got through postpartum depression (PPD) the first time around without Facebook, Google, mommy blogs and my smartphone. That was seven years ago, i.e. the olden days, when everyone didn’t own a smart phone and there weren’t any live online PPD support […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 05/17/2016 Want to know what kind of treatment Hollywood actress Hayden Panettiere is getting in postpartum depression (PPD) rehab? I imagine it’s not a vacation but a pretty swank treatment centre where Hayden entered for a second time to deal with PPD late last week. Last Friday, I […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 05/13/2016 Rehab for postpartum depression. Wouldn’t that be nice? I don’t remember being given the option. I do remember getting a weird look, being brushed off, handed a script and sent home. I can only imagine (fantasize) what rehab for postpartum depression looks like. A limo arrives at […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 04/04/2016 When I speak to mothers with postpartum depression (PPD) across Canada about their experience navigating the medical system for help, one overwhelming theme is common amid all the stories I hear which can be summed up in one word: Hopelessness. That’s because when they turn to the […]

The Huffington Post Canada  | By Patricia Tomasi 11/03/2016 First time mom Jane Walker took proactive steps while pregnant to ensure she wouldn’t be isolated once her baby was born. “When I started maternity leave, I knew that I needed to get myself out of the house and be social or I risked postpartum depression,” says Jane. […]

The Huffington Post Canada  |  By Patricia Tomasi 02/11/2017 When a friend says postpartum depression is normal, I get disappointed. When a psychologist says postpartum depression is normal, I get worried. When a New York Times best selling author and former U.S. congressional candidate with hundreds of thousands of followers says that postpartum depression is normal, […]

The Huffington Post Canada  |  By Patricia Tomasi 05/10/2015 I’m not having any more kids, so I’ll never know. But still. I have to know. Would eating my placenta have stopped my postpartum depression? Kim Kardashian seems to think so. So last night I took to Facebook and randomly surveyed women on their experiences. I got […]

The Huffington Post Canada  |  By Patricia Tomasi 05/10/2015 2015 was a banner year for banter on social media concerning postpartum depression thanks to Hollywood celebrities like Hayden Panettiere, Drew Barrymore and Patti LaBelle, who spoke openly about their struggles with the common mood disorder. “Women need to know that they’re not alone, and that it […]

The Huffington Post Canada  |  By Patricia Tomasi 05/10/2015 While my fellow Canadians were busy engaged in the popular social media campaign known as #BellLetsTalk to reduce the stigma of mental health, our neighbours to the south started their own twitter crusade to enlighten one of their public figures on the seriousness of postpartum depression. Katherine […]